Did you know that you can choose any Celebrant to deliver a ceremony on your behalf?

For both weddings and funerals, it is important that you choose a celebrant who is the right fit for you and your family. In celebrancy, as in life, there are lots of different personalities. You would not expect to get on with everyone you meet along life’s journey, there are some people who you really dont ‘gel’ with and you don’t know why. Celebrants come in all styles, and are more than happy to chat with you before you decide to book with them. We are not into hard sell, as we also want to work alongside people who have chosen us as we are the right ‘fit.’

For funerals, you definitely do not have to have the celebrant that the Funeral Director offers. Most Funeral Directors have a selection of celebrants that they work with. They are probably all brilliant, but if you have seen a celebrant at a service that you really liked, ask for them! If not, ask the funeral director to tell you about the celebrants they have on their books. Chat to them! It is the last hurrah after all, and you want someone who can send your loved one on their way in the style that they (and the family) would have loved. It should be a celebration of a life, not necessarily a sombre farewell (unless that is what you desire).

So, my message is, chat to the celebrant, see who you like, think of a celebrant you have seen before. If you don’t know their name, ask the family. If you still can’t find out, give me the details and I will find out for you if I can.

For wedding celebrants, chose someone carefully for similar reasons to the above. Wedding celebrants often have different specialisms, you might want a Pagan Celebrant, A traditional celebrant, a modern celebrant, a woodland celebrant (me!) There are lots of us out there