There has been a resurgence in beautiful ritual during ceremonies, with handfasting and jumping the broom, making a comeback.

As a hippie celebrant I love this fact!  I make brooms (known also as besoms) and decorate them in beautiful colours.  If the couple are also having a handfasting, I intertwine some of the handfasting ribbon or cord into the twigs.

You can also make your own besom, with both of you being involved in its creation, adding meaning and significance to your ceremony.

The history of jumping the broom (also known as a besom) goes back to a time when two people who could not afford a church ceremony, or want one, would be accepted in the community as a married couple if they literally jumped over a broom laid on the floor. The broom marked a ‘threshold’, moving from an old life to a new one.

Some say that the tradition began in Wales, others say it was popular in the Romany culture.  Pagans often use it as part of their handfasting ceremony.

Today, jumping the broom often takes place at the end of the ceremony and a little mead (made from honey, and appropriate for a love ceremony) can be drunk.  Mead is also the oldest drink known to man!  Of course, it doesn’t have to be mead, some couples drink whisky, gin and even mulled wine during an outdoor service in the winter.

The ritual signifies the setting up of home and heart together and rumour has it that whoever jumps the highest rules the roost!

If you would like to know more about jumping the broom, or would like to know about ordering a besom, please just let me know.